Managed Services

As the Asian construction market continues to lead the globe in growth, CEQ’s Managed Services Team, built on the back of almost 20 years of project delivery, provides a simple solution to complex electrical services problems. CEQ’s Managed services team has been developed in order to service the Asia Pacific construction industry with the aim of supporting our clients in a period of a project’s peak demand and critical milestone delivery.

“The Managed Services concept aligns elite electrical tradespeople to challenging project situations such as the loss of onsite contractor due to insolvency, difficulty in meeting demanding deadlines and defects liability period assistance.”

Our Services

CEQ “Managed Services” – a temporary construction peak demand relief for electrical services including:

  • Engineering and design
  • Mechanical electrical
  • Electrical installation
  • Security and electronics
  • Critical shutdowns and changeovers
  • Switchboard manufacturing and alterations
  • Commissioning

What We Offer

CEQ Managed services team provides expert Australian and UK trained tradespeople for large scale projects in the Asia Pacific region, i.e. Hong Kong, Macau, India, Fiji, and PNG. Our team comprises of highly experienced tradespeople and engineers with the ability to deliver critical electrical services for any project’s critical path. CEQ offers the complete novation of electrical tasks and milestones to our highly-skilled electrical teams during critical situations including shutdowns, assistance with practical completion dates, defects completion lists, accelerated MSB manufacturing, defects liability period support and productivity enhancement:

  • Working Visa organisation
  • Passports
  • Full novation of Milestones
  • Project Management
  • Lump sum pricing/hourly rate