Hail Creek High Voltage Reticulation Upgrade

The Hail Creek High Voltage Reticulation Upgrade project was granted to CEQ Australia based on the high quality work previously completed on the same site, and underpins the diversity of work CEQ can deliver.

This project included the supply and installation of 22,000 V cable and reticulation to replace existing above-ground infrastructure and reinstate it underground via a conduit and pit system. The new reticulation included the installation of two (2) new 2,000kVA Kiosk Transformer / RMU Units which included the civil works for the concrete slabs, trenching and pit excavation.

CEQ Australia also designed, manufactured and installed the re-configured DB28 Low Voltage Distribution Board, to suit the new power distribution systems.


The project was successfully completed with the High and Low Voltage changover working being performed in a single day of work. This was also a challenge given that it was Boxing Day, the only day a mine could allow the isolation of their High Voltage System and replacement of the HV Feeder Circuit Breaker.

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