Welcome to the new CEQ

1 November 2018

Over the past 18 years, CEQ has grown from a small south east Queensland contractor, to a company operating across borders, industries, currencies and countries.  Accordingly, CEQ is now set to embark on the next phase of its journey and is excited to introduce the NEW CEQ.

The next phase of our business’s Evolution will include a greater push into niche markets, further investment into the diversity of our company’s skill sets and an increased activity in the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and Asia.

The design of the new logo is based on three main elements:

  • The grey sphere represents CEQ’s global approach to opportunity and doing business. The varying spot size represents the diversity in scope of works, with the shade differences indicating geographical, cultural and socio-economic differences the company accommodates in its jobs.
  • We believe it’s important to retain a sense of who CEQ are, what the company has been, and its origins, and by retaining the original CEQ typeface and colour in the text, we retain that history.
  • The new slogan (We deliver complex) reflects who we are and what we do, it is who we are at our core. It speaks to our client and delivers a simple and clear message about our business and our DNA.

Having removed the segregation between the business units and locations, the new CEQ logo promotes a unified approach, with a single identifier regardless of location, scope, industry or value.  CEQ Australia, Australasia, Fiji and PNG will all be known simply as CEQ.


Latest News

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2 Jul

Indo-Pacific Electrical Projects & Skills Development Partnerships

The positive impact CEQ has had in the Australian Mining and Infrastructure sector has resulted in  growth and expansion in the Indo-Pacific region.  It all began six years ago in Papua New Guinea with the development of APEC Haus which has become an elaborate conference facility built on reclaimed land

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Local Employment Projected to Rise for Mining Developments in Queensland and Papua New Guinea

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10 Feb

CEQ plays for Motor Neurone Disease

CEQ proudly sponsored the Ipswich Jets Fundraising Golf Day at Brookwater Golf Club in support of former PNG rugby league representative Tu’u Maori and his fight against Motor Neurone Disease. “Rugby League is such a huge part of life in PNG, and while we work in the communities, its important

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